Her, is about a heartbroken man who turns to an operating system for love. This movie follows Theodore through his interesting love affair with an OS named Samantha. Here, Theodore first meets his OS system. This specific operating system was marketed as a piece of software that would act as a personal assistant. Theodore does […]

Update #5

To finish up our collaborative project I created two events for Send it to Space. The first event flyer is showcases SendittoSpace’s Trash Party event where there will classes on how to correctly recycle materials and the option to bring all of your trash to be sorted and recycled properly by Send it to Space! […]

Case Study

For my case study of activist networks, I will be analyzing how successful an activist organization is by comparing the content, design, and authenticity of two different activist networks concerning climate change. The content of site can be best described as the information on the organization and their initiative. This usually contains outside sources and […]

Update #3

I spent my hour of collaborative work this week writing a post of our “Frequently Asked Questions” page. I actually used some of the questions that came up from our classmates when talking about Send it 2 Space in class. I was able to look up answers and write a response from our team that […]