Update #4

To close out our collaborative assignment, I worked on fixing some of the things brought up in Mondays class, 12/2/2019. I found outside resources that we attached to our lists of current solutions. If you go on that page and click each of the tips a hyperlink will take you to an article I read that helped me to come up with that tip and would also show the reader how to implement those tips into their daily life.

I also added information under all of the pictures on our about page under our core beliefs. I wrote what our organizations believes is the correct way to go about cheaper space travel and how we will achieve it, smarter waste management, and what we consider to be a “cleaner Earth.”

I also began organizing our google doc so it was clear to navigate and showed each task we completed on the site.

We also added in links to all of our pictures.

Joanna began a final blog post for our research page that will detail where we plan on sending the trash once in space.

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