I am choosing to review Awkward Politics: Technologies of Pop Feminist Activism by Carrie Smith-Prei and Maria Stehle.  Reading some reviews and the description on the book lead me to determine that the book is going to be about how the addition of technology has helped or not helped activist causes that relate to past and present day feminist movements.

This picture was taken from an article on Vox about current feminist movements.

They put a lot of attention on how awkwardness effects current feminist activism and they dive into different forms of media and art that explore pop feminism to change how we digest activist work. After reading a review on the book by, Sofia Ropek Hewson, published by The London School of Economics and Political, I chose this book because it seemed so interesting to me that the authors choose to exsintuate awkwardness and explore how even the uncomfortable topics are important to discuss. In this review, Hewson states that the authors use, “awkwardness as a prism through which to think about 21st-Century feminist movements.” I was drawn to this statement especially because of how clearly it shows the authors intent on viewing recent feminist political movements. Whenever a political movement begins it Is always during a time in which change is needed but not yet universally excepted. During the first women’s rights movements it was very awkward or uncomfortable for men to begin to view women as equals but there was a need to push through that awkwardness and let the rights of women prevail. The authors capitalize on awkwardness and use it as a tool to show people their own uncomfort in political movements and I find this to be a really interesting take on observing activism.

I look forward to reading more and learning which methods of activism helped to push the feminist movement forward the best.

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