The over sexualization of women does not stop with the previous examples. Plenty of science fiction media has shown futuristic creatures or video game avatars in an over sexualized way.

Above is the love scene from the movie Avatar, released in 2009 and directed by James Cameron. Interestingly enough, Cameron thought it necessary to include how his futuristic alien creatures reproduce but what stands out is how oddly sexual the scene is. The female Avatar is easily picked out next to the male because of the illusuion to breasts and an overall petite and feminine body. Again it is obvious by watching this scene alone that sex is a highly valued aspect of life to most science fiction writers and producers.

This is Cortona from the video game, Halo. She is a hologram in the game. Her alone is very provocative and has an intense cut out to show her holographic cleavage. Beyond the clothes she’s been dressed in, she has a very shapely figure that most women do not possess. Women are consistently being portrayed with large breasts and wide hips when in reality this is far from what the average woman looks like or should look like.

Over sexualized and over exaggerated female images in science fiction media continue to raise unrealistic expectations fro what women should look like and give the men who design these characters an outlet for their fetishized alien fantasies.

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