Wall-E is a fantastic love story that shows how love can drive someone to do anything for who they love. Wall-E is a robot that is cleaning up the Earth that has been destroyed by pollution, while humans fly around space and wait for it to be habitable again. Eve is sent to Earth to look for signs of life and she bumps into Wall-E. Both are clearly robots however we see them portrayed with genders. Wall-E is shown as being male by his rigid build and rustic appearance. Eve is shown as a woman because she is rounded, clean, and brand new.

This movie only continues to show viewers, whom in this case are mostly children, that there is a specific look to achieve to come across as feminine. In the majority of the science fiction media being discussed, female robots or entities are shown to fit a certain mold. This idea has been consistently pushed on teens and older women but even this movie gives young girls the impression that the way they are born may not be enough.

To conclude, while Wall-E is the perfect movie to show case the very real possibilities of what pollution can do to the Earth, the film still perpetuates unrealistic standards for women that should definitely not be placed on children.

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