Her, is about a heartbroken man who turns to an operating system for love. This movie follows Theodore through his interesting love affair with an OS named Samantha.

Here, Theodore first meets his OS system. This specific operating system was marketed as a piece of software that would act as a personal assistant. Theodore does not have a job quite worthy of needing a personal assistant though. This OS will act as more for Theodore, whom is recently heartbroken. While setting up his OS, he purposely chooses his OS to be female. While Samantha, the OS, is obviously very advanced it is clear she has been programmed to be sweet on her operator. Theodore is shocked to find out she fancies hundreds of other people operating the OS under different names and genders. Samantha represents more than just a love interest though. There are many power dynamics being clearly displayed in this scene alone. A man is creating his perfect love, whom will do everything for him, and can never leave, and never age.

In the above scene, Samantha or the OS is being recalled. Theodore is clearly infatuated with his OS at this point and is very sad to be loosing “Samantha.” It is very possible that our future could bring opperating systems that work the same way as Samantha in Her. Without a doubt sex will always be marketed to men and plenty of people will want access to a “perfect” companion. The countless years of progress made by womens activist to try to even the scales for women lost instantly when men can create and fall so deeply in love with a piece of software. Women were once forced into dressing exactly how their husband would want them to look and with this glimpse into the future I can see men determining the personality and every move of their software lover.

After Samantha leaves, Theodore, like many others who have lost their loved operating systems is depressed but realizes his obvious deep need for affection. This makes him send an email to a previous lover of his. However, this makes the viewer question if his love to his past human companion is real. If Samantha had never left Theodore, would he been so keen to find physical love?

Her, unfortunately shows that physical connection can be easily replaced by a voice in a computer and that the future holds pieces of equipment that could allow men to create their “perfect” woman in place of the real thing.

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