Book Review #4

I will be finishing up my review of Rewire by Ethan Zuckerman by reviewing the last two chapters of his book. We pick up in chapter seven, Serendipity and the City, where Zuckerman explains that the internet is often seen as a type of digital city scape with different roads to different places. Unfortunate for […]

Book Review #3

I will be going through chapters five and six of Rewire by Ethan Zuckerman and discussing the use of language on the internet and how it can affect the spread of information. Zuckerman does not exclusively  address activism but using the tools that he discusses we can apply those ideas to how we assess activist culture […]

Book Review #2

Chapter three of Rewire: Digital Cosmopolitans in the age of Connection by Ethan Zuckerman goes into detail on how the typical persons use of the internet has inaccurately shaped our world view. We search for what we want to know based on what we deem is important not based on what is actually important. News […]