Her Actual Movie: Jonze , Spike, director. Her. Netflix , Annapurna Pictures, 2013. Scene: Intro to Samantha: Scene: The End: Scene: Samantha leaves: Cover Photo: Blade Runner  Actual Movie: Villeneuve, Denis, director. Bladerunner 2049. Warner Bros. Pictures, 2017. Scene: Naked Joi: Scene: Joi and K:  Cover Photo: Wall-E Actual Movie: Stanton, Andrew, et al. WALL-E. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, 2008. Scene: Cover […]


The over sexualization of women does not stop with the previous examples. Plenty of science fiction media has shown futuristic creatures or video game avatars in an over sexualized way. Above is the love scene from the movie Avatar, released in 2009 and directed by James Cameron. Interestingly enough, Cameron thought it necessary to include […]


Black Mirror is a television series that has run five seasons since it first aired in 2011. Each episode has a different story line that explores crazy possibilities that come with the evolution of technology. Throughout the show and in the episode, Striking Vipers, from season five specifically, it is clear one thing remains in […]


Wall-E is a fantastic love story that shows how love can drive someone to do anything for who they love. Wall-E is a robot that is cleaning up the Earth that has been destroyed by pollution, while humans fly around space and wait for it to be habitable again. Eve is sent to Earth to […]


Her, is about a heartbroken man who turns to an operating system for love. This movie follows Theodore through his interesting love affair with an OS named Samantha. Here, Theodore first meets his OS system. This specific operating system was marketed as a piece of software that would act as a personal assistant. Theodore does […]

Update #5

To finish up our collaborative project I created two events for Send it to Space. The first event flyer is showcases SendittoSpace’s Trash Party event where there will classes on how to correctly recycle materials and the option to bring all of your trash to be sorted and recycled properly by Send it to Space! […]